We are a coaching consultancy who specialise in communication.

Our mission is simple: Support people to understand themselves and each other

Through Workshops, Coaching and Talking Therapies we encourage our clients to express themselves.

A fundamental human need is to feel understood and that's exactly what we help you to do.

Whether it's for you personally or your organisation, our expert coaches work with you to

identify your values, define who you are, what you stand for... and to communicate that with confidence.

So, what do you want to explore?

About our Founder

As a child I felt misunderstood, sort of stuck behind an invisible veil. Not confident to express myself fully and living with a disease to please! 

I was fascinated with people who expressed themselves freely, without seeming to care what others thought!

So, I dedicated my life to understanding what it is to be human, to know ones-self and to find the courage to share that with others. 

In my 20's I became a producer, making documentaries for the BBC. I've always had a knack for helping people tell their stories, extracting the truth of their experience and distilling it into insights that inform, inspire or benefit someone else. 

I listened and learned and over 10 years I gathered wisdom  from world leaders, athletes, writers, artists, business people... about how to turn ideas into products, dreams into reality and most importantly, how to share thoughts and feelings with integrity.

I uncovered a magic formula that all of the most successful people live by and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible, to help them make positive change in their lives.

So I took my natural gift for encouraging people to explore and express themselves. Went back to university, studied coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy and blended that with powerful communication techniques ... and BOOM! CHAT was born! 


The magic formula...

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By developing a connection with yourself through increased self-awareness, you’ll create more meaningful connections with others.

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By genuinely understanding others and communicating with integrity you'll unlock deeper personal and professional relationships.

When we're honest with each other, the fear of vulnerability reduces and we can profit from more meaningful interactions.

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When what you think and feel on the inside matches what you say and do on the outside, you are living in alignment. 

Being aligned means leaving behind tendencies to manipulate or pressure others and instead create mutually respectful relationships. 

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Strong relationships are based on trust. Without it we can’t rely on anything or anyone. Loyalty and respect are a result of trust, so we teach you how to build honest, authentic and trustworthy connections with people. Whether that's colleagues, clients, friends or family. 



Charlotte Austin



Behavioural Psychology

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Mental Health Coaching

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Positive Mental Attitude Coach

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Mike Flinn

Family & Couples Counsellor

Private Counselling

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Tom Hinton


Men's Group Leader

Personal Performance Coaching

As Founders of the CHAT Methodology, we vow to uphold the ethical standards of the 

International Coaching Federation (ICF) as-well-as CHAT's own rigorous Code of Conduct.

We guarantee 100% confidentiality, in fact we insist on signing NDA's for some of our most famous clients.

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